About Robert A. Lees & Associates

Who We Are

Robert A. Lees & Associates was founded in 1983 by attorney Robert A. Lees, who has been practicing law since 1977. Over our more than 30 year history, our firm has maintained a philosophy that good relationships are crucual to quality legal representation. We develop an attentive, communicative relationship with you, and this in turn helps us do our job more cost-effectively, efficiently, and successfully. Because we take the time to understand your goals, we can address your problems from the beginning and set realistic expectations for where we will go together.

Our Highly Accomplished Team

Our highly accomplished team works collaboratively to create a professional and warm atmosphere that thrives on productivity and availability. Highlights of our dynamic staff’s accomplishments include:

  • Robert Lees is an AV® and Preeminen™ Peer Review Rated℠ by Martindale Hubbell®.
  • Our firm has an over 95% success rate with our responses to DORA grievances and complaints.
  • Mr. Lees has tried over 1400 cases in Colorado courts with an over 90% success rate.
  • Robert has published numerous books and articles and taught courses on complex legal topics, such as regulatory law, mental health professionals, corporate taxation, nonprofits and educational facilities.
  • Robert was previously appointed by the governor to serve on the Board of Licensed Professional Counselors in Colorado, the P.O.S.T. Board and special committees by the Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, including setting the standards for Guardians Ad Litems, PRE’s, Nurse Practitioners, and other regulations.
  • Robert served as Special Counsel for the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords of the English Parliament for U.S. activity, represented Scottish members of the House of Lords and members of Parliament, for which he received a commendation from the House of Lords.
  • Susan Squibb, senior paralegal, is a mental and medical health advocate with 7 years’ legal experience as a legal analyst and regulatory law specialist.
  • Nica Yoshimura, paralegal, has extensive experience working high-profile trauma cases within city and state jurisdictions.

*We can’t guarantee results, however, we can provide you with the most experienced defense in the state.

Serving Mental Health and Other Licensed Professionals

We devote a large part of our practice to serving the unique needs of mental health professionals and organizations. We will give to you the same degree of professionalism and discretion that you give to your clients. Our team is committed to giving your case our full attention and taking intentional steps to accomplish your desired results.

In addition to our legal representation, we offer educational, business and consulting services.

Consult our established Colorado law firm for comprehensive representation on personal, professional and corporate matters

To find out more about how Robert A. Lees & Associates can help you accomplish your goals, give us a call at 303-292-1020 or contact us online.