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Serving Colorado since 1983

Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

A Full-Service Colorado Law Firm

Serving Colorado professionals since 1983

Since our inception in 1983, Robert A. Lees & Associates has focused on relationships. We believe that the relationship between a client and their lawyer should inspire comfort and confidence. We listen to you in order to resolve your problems. We take the time to thoroughly discover your needs and take decisive steps to accomplish your goals, and we always communicate with you about next steps, updates, and options. We also leverage our relationships with regulatory agencies and the courts to stay ahead of developing legal trends, which enables us to better protect our clients.

How we can help you

We have acquired a wide range of knowledge and expertise over our more than 30 year history. At the same, we have cultivated vital relationships and partnerships over this same time period. With the combined horsepower of these two factors, we are able to develop complete solutions to your problems. Our full-service law firm represents clients on issues involving:

Regulatory Law (DORA) and Consulting

  • Mental Health Law for Counselors and Therapists
  • Administrative Law Defense
  • Administrative and Regulatory Proceedings
  • Formal and Informal Probate
  • Grievance Defense and Negotiations
  • Investigation and Complaint Defense
  • Cease and Desist Orders
  • Office of Administrative Courts
  • Administrative Law Hearings

Corporation Law and Business Formation 

  • Business Formation for All Professionals
  • Business Practice Reviews and
  • Risk Management and Due Diligence
  • Profit and Nonprofit Corporations
  • All Business and Shareholder
  • Professional and Executive Defense
  • Nonprofit Formation for Religious Institutions
    and Organizations


  • Civil Litigation in all Courts
    • Administrative proceedings and before regulatory agencies
    • Arbitration and Mediation
    • Federal
    • State

Asset Protection

  • Protection of Professionals—especially Officer/Director Liability Protection
  • Wealth Protection Strategies
  • Personal and Family Asset Protection
  • Formal and Informal Probate

Training Seminars and Courses for:

  • Professionals (counts as Professional Development or Continuing Education credit)
  • Mental Health Therapists (counts as Professional Development or Continuing Education credit)
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Protocols
  • Business Management and Supervisory Personnel

Services for Mental Health Professionals

Mental health professionals have turned to us for years looking for answers to their legal problems. Our firm has successfully resolved issues of coaching standards in Colorado and how they apply to mental health practitioners. In February 2012, our firm successfully argued for and obtained a reversal from the Court of Appeals against the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and the State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. This is the only time in DORA’s more than 30 year history where it was compelled by the courts to issue a reversal as a result of our law firm’s actions. Despite this, we do not maintain an adversarial relationship with DORA, but work with them to resolve a variety of issues. It is through creative partnerships like this, and innovative corporate structures (like our Master Services Organization), that we are able to offer solutions to mental health professionals that fully address their needs. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Legal representation — Robert A. Lees & Associates advises you on such important matters as DORA regulatory law, grievance defense, dispute resolution, business issues, asset protection and risk management for child-centered practices.
  • Record Breaking Defense – Robert A. Lees & Associates was the first law firm to win an appeals action against the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and the State Board of Licensed Professional Counselor Examiners.
  • Professional consultation — Our law firm supports mental health professionals through business, consultation and training services.
  • Education — We offer extensive training options to improve your skills, build your business and stay ahead of Colorado licensure requirements.

What you will find at Robert A. Lees & Associates is a law firm that is on the cutting edge of the mental health field. Our team takes pride in being on the front lines of the regulatory world. We study and understand the rules, laws, regulations, and policies so that we can provide you with superior protection. We are approved by almost all the major insurance panels, which allows us to defend you in any action brought against you.

We are not just a defensive measure, however. We want you to succeed. We want to see your practice grow and develop. We can consult with you and offer you proven strategies that will set your practice on a trajectory for growth.

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