Jane Campbell, LCSW is a Regulatory Analyst/Paralegal for Robert A. Lees and Associates. Her primary role is to provide consultation to individuals and groups regarding mental health practice in the State of Colorado. She specializes in drafting clinical and regulatory practice forms and advising practitioners on issues related to ethical dilemmas and best practices in mental health. Jane joined Robert A. Lees & Associates in February 2021.

Jane Campbell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Animal-Assisted Social Worker serving in both public and private settings. She has engaged in a range of social work practice since 2007, including residential treatment, international program development/management, public education, nonprofit agencies, and private practice.

Prior to joining the law firm, Jane served as the Director of Mental Health at a Northern Colorado nonprofit agency. In her role, she clinically supervised two teams of provisionally licensed practitioners conducting both outpatient therapy and community-based family preservation services in Larimer and Weld County. She also developed the agency’s first Animal-Assisted Therapy program which consisted of traditional psychotherapy, family therapy, and social skill groups for adolescents with dual mental health and disability diagnoses. Her treatment programs targeted improved outcomes for individuals and families who had endured multigenerational trauma.

Jane began her private practice in 2018. Initially, she treated youth and adolescents experiencing co-occurring mental health and substance uses issues. In 2020, she expanded her practice to include youth and their families, as well as adults experiencing a range of needs consisting of traumatic-stress, anxiety, mood disorders, and family conflict. She is deeply passionate about treating individuals experiencing both acute and chronic suicidality, as well as those at risk of being placed out of home due to persistent safety issues. Jane is certified as an Animal-Assisted Social Worker and utilizes canine-assisted therapy as a meaningful entry-point to help clients not only access care but also establish relational safety within the therapeutic space.

Jane Campbell was a Peace Corps Volunteer in central Cambodia from 2010-2013. Her first two years as a volunteer were spent in an educational and development capacity-specifically teaching secondary students language enhancement skills and gender empowerment tools. She later pivoted into disaster relief efforts following months of devastating flooding in her village. These initiatives included fundraising, partnering with local NGOs to disseminate goods, and providing emotional support to families who had been displaced. Jane’s third year was spent as Peace Corps Cambodia’s first ever PCV Leader-a liaison role centered in the designing and implementation of service and technical trainings for Peace Corps Volunteers and staff. She attributes this time in service having shaped the culturally humble lens with which she now approaches working with youth and families.

Jane received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University in 2007 and her Master of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work in 2015.

Jane enjoys her multifaceted role at Robert A. Lees and Associates and is passionate about serving clinicians in such a unique capacity. As a regulatory analyst/paralegal, she brings her insights and years of diverse experience to support a variety of practice needs-whether a person is seeking clinical practice forms, ethical issues, or even faced with a grievance.