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Peter Barber is an Organizational Consultant/Paralegal for Robert A. Lees & Associates, advising mental health professionals on business development practices, corporate and non-profit formation and documentation.

Peter is a leadership expert with a fine-tuned sense for building culture and weathering adaptive change. He has a proven track-record of bringing people with different personality styles and skill-sets together, and can recognize the potential in people who may be very different from himself. He has led staff teams as a direct supervisor and as a peer, and has worked extensively with volunteer teams and other professionals.

Peter is skilled at information synthesis. He can digest complex information and then present it to an audience in easy to understand and compelling ways. He is an engaging speaker who is comfortable in a variety of settings—from leading staff meetings as small as 4 people to speaking in front of audiences of over 4000. He possesses a clear and concise presentation style that ensures no one in the audience is left behind.

Peter has deep experience in the mental health field, having served as the primary vision-caster and program administrator for a counseling center for 7 years. He was responsible for the conception and launch of this center, and oversaw its growth from a start-up phase to a fully-operational center with annual revenue of over $700,000 and a team of 12 professionally-trained clinicians.

He understands the rigors of leading a successful non-profit. Peter has a strong knowledge of fundraising practices and how to use sustainable business practices (including managing P&L) to keep costs under budget. He is well-versed in board relations and development, and understands the nuances of corporate non-profit formation. Peter’s keen sense of business growth and development coupled with his skills as a mentor and developer of others makes him a valuable resource as an Organizational Consultant to our clients, and he enjoys helping their practices grow and excel.

Peter also currently is an Associate Faculty member at Denver Seminary, where he teaches the capstone thesis-level class to graduating M.A. students in the Leadership Degree program. For this class, Peter teaches students how to use the Action Research Method to consult with a live organization (which the students identify and partner with) and implement this problem-solving process in real time. In this role, he coaches, mentors, and consults with the students as they implement the Action Research Method within these organizations to provide innovative solutions to the problems the organizations are facing. His many years of experience in teaching this class has afforded him an inside peek into the inner workings of numerous non-profits and businesses, which gives him an edge when consulting with organizations and clients today.

His personal leadership philosophy is grounded in the ideals of servant leadership—that leaders should always serve those they lead and seek to improve their lives, even while achieving important goals and initiatives. He is a highly relational leader who cares just as much about the “how” something gets done as the “what.”

He grew up in Brazil, South America and speaks Portuguese fluently. As a result, Peter possesses a global perspective that informs his leadership and his understanding of people. He has a high regard for other cultures, and believes that mutual respect and understanding are the keys to learning from each other in the global village. He believes that diversity and the ability to operate effectively within diversity are imperative for leaders of the future.