­­­­Paralegal and Office Administrator Laura LeVigne is a natural advocate, and enjoys working with clients to assure their needs are met. Laura earned her B.A. in Business Administration from Oregon State University, and her MAT from University of Puget Sound. She’s spent 22+ years raising five children adopted from overseas. Because of the various special needs of her children, Laura became an expert at obtaining services as well as understanding educational law, to provide the best possible support for her family. She also voluntarily helped other families struggling with the educational system to assure the needs of their children were met. As a result, Laura has become a strong advocate and is skilled at navigating bureaucratic waters and systems to obtain results.

Because of the needs of Laura’s family, she has spent many years in the consumer role with mental health providers, and is in awe of the work these awesome healers do. She’s delighted to be helping them now, with their practices, in her role at Robert A. Lees & Associates.

Laura’s first career was in retail merchandising, where she managed within department stores. Then as a department store buyer, she bought merchandise for a large store chain of more than 50 stores. Laura has strong organizational skills. She also has a sharp business mind, acute math skills, and consistently looks for streamlining and cost saving measures for our law firm, which we in turn can pass on to our clientele.

For more than ten years, Laura handled the family education (training) for an adoption agency. As pre-adoption education is required by Colorado law, Laura gained skills in understanding Colorado statutes, and from that knowledge developed family education that would be useful for the families she worked with, but also meet the requirements of the law. She gained great joy assisting families as they worked through the legal process and agency steps to become adoptive parents.

Laura’s care and compassion for those who cannot advocate for themselves makes her a natural at guardianships and conservatorships. She also both enjoys and excels at probate matters and estate planning.

Laura has worked with an organization that provides vocational training and entertainment for adults who have special needs. Her advocacy skills again were utilized with this population, in assuring that each participant she worked with had the opportunity to do their personal best, feel safe in the various environments they were in, and enjoy what they were doing.

Outside of the workforce, Laura also has a strong sense of volunteerism. She has been active in her local church for years, and has served as the chairman for the board of a Christian preschool. Laura also served on a committee to write a child protection policy for her church, that is still in effect now, more than fifteen years later. Recently her family teamed up with others, to mentor a large refugee family from oversees, advocating for their needs and teaching them to navigate life in America.