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An Experienced Asset Protection Law Firm

Protecting your Financial Future in Colorado

You have dedicated your career to building your financial health. Lack of strategic planning can put your hard-earned assets at risk. Robert A. Lees & Associates has assisted individuals throughout Colorado with creating effective asset-protection plans since 1983. Let us help you reap the benefits of your diligent work by preserving your wealth to support your future and your family’s well-being.

Estate Planning Tools

Our estate planning attorneys guide you on selecting the right tools — including family limited partnerships (FLP) and trusts — to help you preserve your property for your loved ones. The property you transfer into an FLP may be eligible for IRS gift tax exemptions, reducing your taxable income. In addition, the assets contained in the FLP are often protected from creditors because the property no longer belongs to you personally, but instead is owned by the partnership entity.

Corporate Formation Options

You can manage risks by choosing the best entity for your business. Certain corporate structures separate your personal property from that owned by your company. If you are a sole proprietor or you own a small family business, you may be putting your personal property at unnecessary risk by intermingling your accounts and assets. Our skilled attorneys advise you on formation of the appropriate corporate entity that protects your personal assets from the liabilities imposed on your business.

Litigation Protection

Professionals and small companies are especially vulnerable to the devastating financial consequences of litigation. A party’s attempt to pursue your personal wealth may prove successful if you lack essential risk-management tools. In anticipation of a lawsuit against your company, our trial lawyers assist you in organizing your personal and business property to avoid risk of loss.

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